How to Restart and Reset an Apple Watch

how to restart and reset an apple watch

If you are experiencing, apple watch being unresponsive or occasionally slow or want to know why your apple watch restart often. Or if you want to give a safe restart to your Apple watch then this article is for you.

In this short article, we will give you a quick walkthrough that makes your life easier while handling such issues.

We are doing complete research work before launching the solution for you. Usually, other platforms not following the same practice. Our experts have enough experience and knowledge that can be very useful to our readers.

Let’s Start,

We have break up the solution into three categories

  1. How to restart your apple watch
  2. How to hard reset / reboot apple watch
  3. Your apple watch slow or restart often

How to Restart Your Apple Watch

press and hold the side button
  1. Press and hold down the side button of your Apple Watch until you see three options on the screen:
  • Power Off: To let you switch off your watch.
    • Medical ID: To view your Medical information.
    • Emergency SOS: To dial an emergency call.
  • Drag the power off slider towards the right to switch off your watch
  • To Turn on your Apple Watch: Hold down the side button until the Apple logo appears

Caution: Do not restart your Apple Watch while charging, because it didn’t work.

How to Hard Reset or Reboot Your Apple Watch

Hard reset apple watch

When your Apple Watch is being unresponsive or stuck occasionally then you required to hard reset Apple Watch.

This does not delete any data or settings. But it is recommended that you take it as a last resort.

To hard reset your Apple Watch,

  • press and hold the side button 
  • and the Digital Crown at once until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

You have seen, it’s quite simple to power off, reboot, or hard reset your Apple Watch at any time you needed.

Your Apple Watch Unresponsive or Slow or Restart Often

Many users have come forward with their complaints that the Apple Watch keeps restarting frequently due to unknown reasons, Finding the reason why it happens will be more important to solving the rebooting problem. There are several reasons for the occurrence, the common causes for the subject problem are as below:

• Force Restart – Due to improper wearing of the Apple Watch, the chances for the digital crown and the side button pressing together are high. In such scenarios, the watch continues to be in a restarting loop.

• Failure of Updates – Apple sends frequent updates to all its smartwatches promptly. If you have not updated your watch or the device is not updating, you will experience frequent reboots.

• Corrupted Apps – If you are using unsafe third-party apps, the chances are high that it affects the OS and causes OS corruption Therefore operating system results in frequent restarting of the device.

• Hardware Issue – If there is any problem with the device’s hardware, you may experience the reboot of the device often.

Update Apple Watch & iPhone

update apple watch

Because Apple Watch keeps restarting, it is very much important to check the device has the updated OS version. If it’s not updated do it now and fix the bugs.

Why iPhone update is required

Because it has been noticed that more commonly, updating the paired iPhone also proves beneficial.

Apple Watch: Power on the device and connect to the Internet – open “Settings” – Select “General” – Tap “Software Update” – Download and install the updates.

Check if Power Reserve Mode is On

update apple watch

Power Reserve mode is a useful feature in Apple Watches. It exists to save the battery life of your device when it’s running low. In that case, when it is enabled in Apple Watches, almost all functionalities will be suspended and You’ll be able to see what time it is, and that’s all.

To get the watch out of Power Reserve mode, you must press and hold your Side button until you see the Apple logo showing up on the center of the watch’s display. Once you release the Side button, the device will boot back up. Please note that you can only do this if your watch has enough battery life left.

Remove Third-party Apps

You can try to remove any third-party apps on the device only if the above methods did not solve the issue. For that

  • Hold the Digital Crown button until you see the interface on the watch.
  • Now, Tap the third-party apps you want to uninstall. Holding an app icon will display the cross icon.
  •  Click on it to remove the application from the watch. Hold the Digital Crown button again to exit the interface.

Factory Reset the Apple Watch

factory reset erase all data

Finally, Factory reset is the only available option when the above methods fail to fix the issue. However, considering that fact that resetting the device to the factory settings will clean all data in the device.

  • Power on the device
  • Go to “Settings” 
  • then “General” 
  • Scroll down and tap “Reset”.

Don’t forget to enter the passcode to proceed with the factory reset.

Contact Apple Customer Service

The last but not least, if your Apple Watch keeps restarting, it is suggested to see the Apple customer service center. The reason for such a cause could be a hardware issue.


This is all about to Restart and Factory Reset for your Apple Watch. I hope the solution we have given you would make your life easier while handling the such problem. please give your suggestion how we can more improve our content and which topic we should consider while making the blog. please keep in touch and give your comments.

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